Paint Color Trends, Tips, and Ideas
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We Love To Paint! ... and It Shows!
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Paint Color Trends, Tips, and Ideas

Gray's Are Still Trending!

by Mark Calhoun on 08/29/16

As a decorator and the owner of a residential painting company here in the Memphis, Southaven, Germantown, Collierville, Olive Branch area, I'm privileged to see the ongoing colors customers are choosing to paint the interior and exterior of their homes. Its fun to observe decorating trends, not to mention being involved in them.  And I'm here to tell you folks, gray paint colors are still in vogue and still going strong. I don't keep track, but I'd venture to say that at least a third if not 50% of all the hundreds of interior painting jobs we've done so far this year have involved some form of gray wall color. The beautiful thing about gray walls is that you can decorate with almost any color of fabric and appointment, and its going to look great. Gloomy old gray, as it used to be thought of, has a way of brightening a room when decorating against it with bright yellows, golds, teals, oranges, reds and blues. Such colors just pop against gray walls, bring a room to life, and bring appointments and fabrics into clearer focus. And then add an accent wall in a darker gray or fun color, and rooms can become so, so inviting. For that reason I love gray (yes, the inside of my house is painted with various shades of gray, and the outside is about to become gray). I love the way it makes my bright gold drapes stand out, or how teal colored vases really shimmer, or an orange chair bursts with color in a room.  I hope gray is here to stay for many years to come. I think its a safe bet that it will continue to trend for many years. I hope so. Because I'm just not ready to return to boring old beige.